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Kayak Fishing

RTM Fishing is the new fishing kayak brand of the Rotomod group. Leader on the market of sit op top polyethylene leisure kayaks for 40 years, RTM has wanted to develop this specific range of kayaks since the advent of this new fishing approach ten years ago.
Ecological, sporty, and “fun”, kayaking fishing came to us from the United States in the mid-2000s. Since then, the phenomenon has continued to grow, and thousands of people across our country and in Europe are now practising this new, environmentally friendly approach.

Why is kayaking fishing so popular?

Thanks to its self-empty double hull, providing stability & safety and ease of use, the sit on top kayak is the boat that obviously offers a new dimension to sport fishing. It is an effective device that allows you to approach the posts in a different way, to approach the fish as close as possible, and to literally blend into the landscape.
In the end, it is the ideal compromise between onboard and onboard practice. Fish that are not accessible to motorboat fishermen will become accessible to kayak fishermen. Whether it is fresh water or sea, no longer is a meander, bay or rock face inaccessible to fishermen today….

And kayaking fishing is a real sport and a very special approach to fishing, both in terms of physical aspect and strategies. Ease of implementation, freedom of action, total discretion and autonomy are all assets that are attracting more and more people to our coasts, rivers and bodies of water!
Kayaking fishing is also for you, it awaits you!

With 5 models, available in several versions, RTM Fishing has necessarily in its range the model that suits you, and that will meet your needs and expectations. You will then become, like so many others before you and for your greatest pleasure, one more “addict” to kayaking fishing!