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Abaco 3.60 BIG BANG

Sit on top monoplace

The Abaco 3.60 is a sit on top single-seater ideally suited for any type of fishing, for any type of body of water, salty or sweet and for any type of fisherman. Its compact design makes it easy to store, transport and make it more maneuverable in navigation. Its width of 76 cm gives an important stability, allowing the fishing in standing position in calm water.
The Abaco 3.60 Big Bang is equipped with a Hi-Comfort seat and a double Elegance paddle, aluminum handle.

It is suitable for sailing beyond 300 meters: Complies Division 245

Lenght : 11'8
Width : 29,9''
Height : 11,8''
Weight :72 lbs
Capacity :  1 personne
Capacity Max. : 375 lbs