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Ocean Quatro Angler

Sit on top monoplace

The Ocean Quatro is the fishing kayak for “shared” fishing trips. Can take 2 adults (+ 2 children in the case of coastal walks), it allows the practice of fishing with a friend. Very stable thanks to its width, comfortable, versatile, it is also a kayak that will appreciate all the members of the family, even the non-fishermen!

The Ocean Quatro has 3 storage spaces: two traps with watertight rubber lids and a bottle space at the rear. It may also be suitable for experienced practitioners wishing to fish in exposed areas: the kayaker sitting on the front fishing while his companion from the back directs the kayak …. The Ocean Quatro: the kayak of conviviality and shared passion!

It is suitable for sailing beyond 300 meters: Complies Division 245 (French rules)

Lenght : 13’5
Width : 35,5”
Heifht : 13,8”
Weight : 75 lbs
Capacity : 3 peoples
Capacity max : 575 lbs