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Disco+ Angler

Sit on top monoplace

The Disco + Pêche is the sit on top of the range, the performance of which is closest to traditional bridge kayaks. With the fishing equipment, this kayak remains a boat for hardened paddlers whose weight does not exceed 80 kg.

The Disco + Peche is equipped with two simple but very functional storage spaces: a front inspection hatch and a space with deck net on the aft deck, allowing one to store canister or waterproof bag. Its tapered line provides a silent glide, appreciable especially during the phases of approach of fishing spots. Disco + Fishing is the ideal kayak for fishing sessions.

Lenght : 14′
Width : 25,6”
Height : 13”
Weight : 51 lbs
Capacity : 1 personne
Capacity max : 265 lbs