Jamaica Bay Kayak Fishing Tournament

Competition Jamaica Bay_Photo Credits_Pierre ChampionPierre CHAMPION is a french fisherman in kayak. He lives and he fishes  in New York with Stand UP Padlleborad or Kayak (see his Blog). Soon, he will participate in the JAMAICA BAY KAYAK FISHING TOURNAMENT with the RTM FISHING ABACO 3.60.

Can you provide some details on the Jamaica Bay Kayak Fishing Tournament?

Born more than 10 years ago, the Jamaica Bay Kayak Fishing tournament is a major event on the East Coast of the U.S. The tournament is done on 3 days starting on May 14th of each season. The tournament has 4 divisions:

-Spining (lures and baits),

-Fly Fishing

-Electric kayaks

New York City and U.S. Air Force allow the participants to camp on the Floyd Benet Field, used in the past as an airport and a submarine base.

Overall it is a pretty “chill” competition designed for everyone to have fun on land but you will find most of the most serious kayak fishermen of the Northeast. The targeted species are Striped Bass, Bluefish, Fluke and Weakfish. Jamaica bay is natural reserve attracting birds and fish with striped bass reaching 45 inches! The bay is truly huge and spread out with a combination of flats and deep channels.

All the fishes caught during the tournament are caught and released and no fish could be kept and anyone doing it would be disqualified.

All the profits of the tournament are given to 3 charities.

What are you going to use for fishing?

This time I am going to use the Abaco 10’6 and will compete in the fly fishing division. I think the stealth and stability of the kayak will help me approach 2 kinds of spots that I really like and where I had success in the past. The fact that the tournament takes place on 3 days, I will also benefit from the comfort this kayak provides and will help me preserve my energy and to fish in comfort.

I am looking forward and very happy to being able to test all the gear I have received from RTM fishing this year – it is going to be an excellent “testing ground” to measure the products in a competitive setting.

What kind of fishing?

I am going to use 2 kinds of fly fishing this year. I will target the really deep channels with a heavy 9 weight set-up and heavy flies. On the other hand I will fish flats on the head of the bay on an 8W and intermediate clear line to target big cruising bass that swim there at dusk.

What are your goals?

This year I hope to be on the podium since I feel ready physically and mentally. I have acquired a good knowledge of Jamaica Bay but I am always impressed by its size… The fish are never easy to catch and at this time of the year they are on the bottom and are focused on baits so it will be challenging…

Believing in yourself, in your strategy and in your preparation is key in this kind of event but the final decision belong, as always in fishing, to the fish!


Thanks Pierre, good luck for this evenment!

Website Jamaica Bay : http://www.captainkayak.com/tournaments.html

Pierre realised a video in 2011.